Things to Avoid Doing While Using a Credit Card

Credit cards, when used correctly, can be an invaluable financial tool and a crucial asset in some cases. A credit card is essentially just that—a tool, and a very powerful one. As such, it can be used for better or for worse. When it comes to your finances you really don’t want to pay the

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Secured Credit Card

A secured credit card looks virtually identical to an unsecured credit card. The primary difference between an unsecured credit card and a secured credit card is the fact that, with a secure credit card, you have to put down collateral. However much the card limit is on a secured card, you will have to have

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Carrying a Balance on a Credit Card

Many people are under the wrong impression about carrying a balance on a credit card. In fact, it is quite commonly asked “is it really good for my credit score if I carry my balance from month to month?” In fact, it is quite the contrary; it is not good. The best thing you can

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